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Don't Do This 1 Thing When He Pulls Away...


You've got to read this fantastic article I just came across.

It's by Randy Bennett, a licensed relationship therapist, who has stumbled onto a special technique you can use to get your man to treat you like he did when you first started dating-- for good! Here it is below-- I hope you enjoy.

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Have you ever wondered why some men treat their women like a princess even well PAST the dating phase?

Even after many years these guys STILL buy flowers, they remember EVERY special occasion and they give their women their FULL attention when they are with them.

They NEVER retreat to the garage, NEVER ignore them to watch the football game on TV and NEVER disappear for hours on end to play golf with their "buddies".

Well recent reports from relationship scientists (yes, those do exist!) say that you can actually get that exact SAME love, attention and warmth from your man, regardless of …
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How To Be Affectionate With The One You Love

Falling out of love can happen to all couples regardless of how strong their relationship was. In order to recover the magic, you need to learn how to be affectionate with the one you love. There are different ways of learning. You can ask an older man in a successful relationship for some advice. You could talk to your friends but do yourself a favor and only listen to the ones that are happily involved. The others are single for a reason. Or you could buy a great book, read it and put the theory into practice. Women are often complex creatures but the majority just love it when you show affection. Now I mean real affection and not just a pre sex hug. Sex is a different animal to men and women. In a committed relationship, women often use sex to show affection and appreciation whereas men are less likely to think that deeply about it. They may just care whether it is any good or not or if it is even available. If a woman is hurt or upset you can usually gauge it from the warmt…

5 Questions To Ask In Serious Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationships

There are plenty of different types of relationships in the world of dating. There are some relationships that are only about sexual relations and intimacy. There are other relationships that are simply for fun, bringing together friends as a way to enjoy time together. Finally, there are serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that could easily turn into something special.

It is important for both parties to be open and honest in these serious relationships. If you find that you are in a serious relationship, you need to ask your significant other a few questions.

What Are Your Goals?

If your relationship is starting to get serious, you need to talk about goals. You need to ask your boyfriend about his various goals to understand where you fit in with his life. By talking about his goals, you can work to help him to reach those goals. Try to talk about your own goals as well; this mutual understanding can help to make your relationship stronger.

Am I In Your Future?

If you are in …

Will She Love Me Again

Will she love me again? This is a question that pops up over and over again in the minds of men who are in a loveless relationship or who have just lost the woman they love. Whatever the situation, this can leave you feeling lost, depressed or hopeless. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are many who've been able to answer "yes" the question of "will she love me again?" and you may be able to do it as well.

Your first step involves thoroughly accessing the situation. Understand the point you are at in the relationship or the end of the relationship. Has your wife told you that she doesn't love you anymore, or do you just feel that way? Has your wife even gone so far as to say that she never wants to see you again? There is a big difference between her not loving you and her hating you (if that is the case). You need to understand the real situation before you can proceed in remedying it.

But, in most cases, before you can go on, you'll need…

Warning Signs Of A Break Up What You Need To Do NOW

If you see warning signs of a break up you need to act quickly to avoid splitting up. It is a lot easier to prevent a split then to try to reconcile after the event.

So what should you be looking out for? The obvious one is if you are both always arguing. I believe it is healthy for couples to argue occasionally as making up is fun! But when you just fight and don’t make friends, you are on dangerous ground.

Perhaps worse is when you have gone past the stage of fighting and now just ignore one another. There is nothing lonelier than sharing a double bed with someone and having enough room to drive a huge bus between you. Some of the loneliest people are those that are in a broken relationship.

Another sign you could look for is whether your partner prefers to spend time with other people. Now don’t get paranoid on me. No matter how much they love you, we all need some time out with our own friends. It is when your partner is spending more time with the other people, than with you and…

What's different stands out

Nugget: What's different stands out. In a world of text messages,
IMs and email...sending a HANDWRITTEN letter to your ex is MUCH
more emotional and effective than sending 4 screens full of text message.

What it means: One of the most powerful things you
can do to create a vacuum and have your ex possible pursue to AGREE with a break up in a hand written note.

BE CAREFUL! What you say in the note and how you say
it can have positive or negative effects. For an outline of what
to put in your note watch the video at Click Here!